Power BI Interview with Avi Singh


This would be a video interview, these tips might be handy

  • Webcam: Just make sure you have a working webcam. If it’s not built-in you might need to buy/borrow a USB webcam you can plug in
  • Headphone/Headset for Audio: This is perhaps the most important piece. You want to be using a reasonable quality headset (not the built in Laptop Microphone, usually they are worse than even the cheap headsets).
    I use a simple USB headset for myself.
  • Background: Make sure you don’t have anything in the background you don’t want to be seen 🙂
    A homey background is actually fine, so don’t feel like it needs to look professional or anything. Candid actually works better!
  • Lighting: Ideally there should be lighting on your face (NOT behind you, else the face just looks dark)
    One easy way is to be facing a window with natural light coming in.


  • Interview is scheduled for 1-hour but may take less time than that
  • Interview would be three phases
    • Setup: Test all equipment and just loosen up 🙂
    • Main Interview: This is the main interview that will end up as the final recording
    • Wrap-up: We can discuss any follow-up items (e.g. any links that need to be included with the interview based on what was discussed)

Interview Questions

Here is a list of sample questions. If you have a specific Question/Topic that you would want to be covered during the interview, just let me know.

  • Hook/Showcase: We often show a sneak-peek of the showcase at the very beginning to hold the reader’s interest. The showcase can be a Power BI Dashboard, Report or a Tip/Technique that you would be sharing
  • How and when did you get started with Power BI?
    (in all my communication – including here – Power BI includes PowerPivot & PowerQuery)
  • What were the challenges you/your organization were facing before you discovered Power BI?
  • How has Power BI helped (or can help) with these challenges?
  • What are the challenges that still remain?
    (perhaps outside the scope of Power BI, that Power BI cannot solve)
  • Your advice for someone starting out on the Power BI journey?
  • How do you deal with overwhelm?
  • What is your opinion of the IT vs. Business divide?