Let's Talk Power BI

Let's Talk Power BI

Have a burning Power BI question or just want to chat? Join Microsoft MVP, Avi Singh in live Q&A session on Fridays

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Avi Singh, Microsoft MVP

Hello, I am Avi Singh. I was "maybe" an average Excel user, but I became Extra-Ordinary when I discovered Power BI. Now I love talking about Power BI. So much so that I have dedicated an hour on Friday's to talk with YOU about Power BI. 

This is Q&A and discussion forum - there is NO presentation from me - so bring your questions and comments about anything and everything Power BI. How to best start learning Power BI, how to deploy Power BI within your organization, how to make a career move towards Power BI, Query/M questions, complex DAX measure got you stumped, Custom Visuals, Gateways, should you name your 2 children "Power" and "BI"...ask me anything. Join me Fridays and let's talk Power BI.


  • 9 am Pacific
  • 10 am Mountain
  • 11 am Central
  • 12 noon Eastern

*Only limited spots are available for this webinar, so claim yours now*

Avi Singh, Power BI Author

Avi Singh, Microsoft MVP

Avi Singh is a Power BI trainer and consultant based out of Seattle. He is a Microsoft MVP, co-author of the top-selling book "Power Pivot and Power BI: An Excel User's Guide" and a regular speaker at conferences and user events. 

Avi has personally experienced the transformation and empowerment that Power BI can bring, going from an Excel user to building large-scale Power BI solutions. Now, he's on a mission to spread the word and share the knowledge.

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Let's Talk Power BI

Live Q&A and discussion session with Microsoft MVP, Avi Singh

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